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"I take both mine and my husband's cars to these guys. They are very honest and do great work. I had an issue with my engine and these guys told me that there was a recall on the particular part that I needed so I should take it to the dealership to get fixed. They easily could have just fixed the problem there and charged me for it. Instead, it was done by the dealership at no cost to me. That was GREATLY appreciated!!"

—Google Reviewer

"Great experience. Great staff. I will be returning for sure. Thanks for the suspension work. My 4runner drives like a dream now. Hats off to BDR for doing great work, taking less time than expected, and for pricing much less than other shops in the area. Free loaner cars is a really nice touch. Kudos."

—Google Reviewer

"Great service with friendly people. Loaner car was the deal maker. Reasonable price. Would definitely go there again."

—Google Reviewer

"Kudos to BDR to finding a solution to my crazy schedule. Great friendly service."

— Margaret B., Google Reviewer

"Nothing but GREAT things to say about the team at BDR! Reasonably priced, exceptional work and they get the job done in a timely manner!! When I met the owner, Brian, he was extremely personable and friendly. I can't emphasize enough the great customer service and quality work they perferom, which is hard to find these days. I would highly recommend to anyone and everyone!"

— Gabrielle P., Google Reviewer

"Finding a mechanic I can trust is very important to me and I'm so glad I've found that at BDR. I shop around with almost everything and once I find a place that is fair, affordable and trustworthy I stick with them; that's what you'll find there. I'm so happy with their customer service and patience with explaining fixes to me that I won't go anywhere else!"

— Christel D., Yelp Reviewer

"I brought my car to Brian and his team and they did an amazing job. Not only did they fix what I brought it there for, I told them about a few other things happening with the car and they took the time to go through it figure them out which a number of other shops could find. The shop is clean, the staff is friendly and very accommodating, the rates were very reasonable as well. I highly recommend BDR and even thought I am a distance from the shop it is worth the ride to have my car fixed by this shop."

— Yelp Reviewer

"I drive a 16 year old Lexus that I love. Every time I have a problem with it I tell my husband that I think it’s time to get a new car. Bring it to Brian, he always says, and see what he thinks. Usually within 1-2 days, Brian has diagnosed and fixed the car and it’s a good as new. You can’t go wrong with BDR Automotive!"

— Rachel S.

"Brian is not only an amazing diagnostician, but a gifted fabricator than can create just about anything you might need on your truck. It is reassuring to find these qualities combined with an honest and communicative business owner. You can’t go wrong with the team at BDR !"

— Jesse W.

"Brian, and the staff of BDR Automotive, provide the best automotive repair I have ever experienced. I actually travel 25 miles just for the amazing service and dependability! Providing both standard maintenance and repair, to customized off-road fabrication and installs, BDR automotive has assisted me with many repairs, upgrades and maintenance for all my vehicles (Jeep, Subaru, and Land Rover). BDR Automotive’s top notch service provides a quick, affordable, and reliable service for all my vehicles. I always recommend the services at BDR Automotive to family members, friends, and I recommend them to you!"

— Gavin R.

"My experience was a very good one. The service people were efficient and very helpful. My car was taken care of in a timely manner. I was pleased with the results of the issues that were found and repaired and the new brakes that were given. If I lived here in Holliston, MA, I would be returning. Thank you for taking good care of me."

— Lyn Long, Google Review

"BDR is now my go to automotive shop for my vehicles. The service adviser was quick to inform me of any work I needed and pointed out what service could wait and what needed to be addressed immediately. Received my car back clean and my issue fixed. Would highly recommend."

— Michael N., Google Review

"I have been bringing my cars to Brian and the BDR group for years. I have had a car or two dropped off/towed to BDR without any appointment as the car broke down during the weekend. BDR called me first thing that Monday morning, confirmed that I had no appointment and asked what they could do for me. To my surprise - they looked the vehicle over and gave me a fair price that day. Car was ready for pick-up the next day and that was a foreign car.

On occasion - I even get text messages stating that they have some time during a week if I had any automotive needs. "Fair Price", "Good Work" and "Keep in Touch" attitude. What more could you ask for from a Trusted Auto Service repair shop."

— Don M., Google Review

"Great team of techs that do a good job diagnosing and determining the best course of action for your vehicle. Will come back again."

— Tim A., Google Review

"Brian and staff are the best. Very knowledgable and helpful. Also they have a loaner car so you can still get to work while they're working on your car. Definitely recommended!"

— Roberta W., Yelp Review

"BDR has been my go to place for years for all my cars. From oil changes to brake jobs to timing belts and welding. Did I mention that he took my old dead truck apart and used the bits in a build up of a new truck for me? He's got a great team working for him. PS they love munchkins!"

— Yelp Review

"BDR Automotive does top of the line work and they get it done ahead of schedule. I remember once at an off-road event in Maine, I broke the rear stabilizing bracket on my Jeep Rubicon. BDR owner, Brian Rossini and I stopped in at a local farm and he was able to borrow an ancient welder from the farmer. He welded up the bracket and we were back on the trail in no time. Truly a great technician and shop owner."

— Peter V

"Brian is like the Rain Man of automotive repair. He can seemingly diagnosis most problems in minutes. Repairs and service happen fast and on time, and I always know I’m getting the best value for my money when he works on one of my trucks."

— Steve O.

"BDR Automotive is pretty much the only place I trust to have my Land Rovers repaired. Brian’s vast experience and expertise is among the top of the industry for independent mechanics. He not only knows how to fix these fickle machines but he knows how to break them too, because unlike other mechanics, he actually drives his trucks off-road…hard. So, he knows the limits of what a lot of vehicles can take and how to modify them so that they perform their best. Not only is he great at what he does, Brian is just a plain old good guy. It’s always a pleasure to spend time at the shop, or elsewhere, and share a few stories and have some laughs. It’s nice to see an independent mechanic/business owner who has a busy and active social life with his family and friends outside the shop and isn’t consumed by the business."

— Russ B.